Australia to assist Mozambique with flood relief

MEDIA RELEASE - Australian Agency for International Development

MEDIA ADVISORY AA-00-004 24 February, 2000

Australia will provide funds to UNICEF and the World Food Program to help thousands of people left homeless after recent floods in Mozambique.

Floods have severely affected the southern and eastern areas of Mozambique, including the capital Maputo, leaving 48 people dead and up to 200,000 without permanent shelter.

Southern Mozambique was hit by a cyclone in early February, causing widespread flooding. A number of rivers rose beyond the highest levels ever recorded. Further flooding and damage was caused following another cyclone that hit the country earlier this week.

Over 1,000,000 people in Maputo have been left without water and tens of thousands without electricity and cooking fuel.

Australia will contribute $150,000 to UNICEF to assist in providing medical supplies and $100,000 to the World Food Program to help in delivering emergency food aid.

Media Contacts: Fionna Douglas (AusAID) 02 6206 4960