Appeal for Mozambique floods launched

Originally published
Today we launched an appeal to raise =A31 million so that we can get help to thousands of children who've been forced to leave their homes by floods in Mozambique.

65,000 people - more than half of them children - have already been made homeless by the rising flood waters and are living in emergency camps. Many more people are likely to be affected. Heavy rains and prolonged flooding lasting for ten weeks or more is predicted, making these the worst floods to hit Mozambique for several years.

Our country director in Mozambique, Chris McIvor, said: "We're already on the ground responding to this emergency but there's no sign of the floods letting up. In fact, there's every indication that they'll get worse. More children will be forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in the emergency camps, where they're living in cramped and unsafe conditions and at high risk of disease.

"We urgently need your help to reach these children. Please give generously to our appeal so we can reach more children faster."

We've begun distributing emergency kits containing blankets, eating utensils, soap, water purifiers, rope and plastic sheeting to help build shelters. We're also working with local authorities to ensure that children displaced by the floods are kept safe. Where possible, we're providing school tents in time for the start of the school term in two weeks.

What you can do

Call our emergency appeal line and donate: 0800 8148 148.

Make an online donation to support our work.

Donate items to your local Save the Children shop. The sale of these items will raise much needed funds for the appeal.

Donate Your Time: as people begin to donate more items to our shops extra volunteers will be needed within the stores, whether it's just two hours or a whole day every minute of your time will help. Please drop into our local shops and offer your time.

How your donation will help

=A310 can buy school supplies so that six displaced children can get back to school

=A315 can buy five blankets to provide warmth and comfort for a flood-affected family living in an emergency camp

=A325 can buy a household kit containing plastic sheeting, water purifiers and containers, kitchen equipment and utensils so that families have shelter, drinkable water and can cook for themselves

=A3125 can buy enough equipment to kit out a tented school in one of the emergency camps so that displaced children don't miss out on their education.