Angola donates aid to Mozambique

LUANDA (March 27) XINHUA - The Angolan government announced here on Monday that it has donated some 120 tons of humanitarian goods to the flood victims in Mozambique.

Among the humanitarian goods offered by the Fund of Angolan President Eduardo dos Santos (FESA) were corn flour, rice, noodles, vegetable oil, sugar, soap, blankets, medicaments and fuel for airplanes, the official news agency Angop reported.

The report quoted FESA Chief Miguel Costa as saying that the Angolan people are moved by the dramatic images of the Mozambican people through television channels.

He emphasized the friendship, fraternity and the historical and cultural ties between the Angolan and the Mozambican peoples, saying that the Angolans hope that the Mozambican people can overcome the disaster.

Although being itself in financial difficulty, the Angolan government made the donation to the fraternal Mozambican people, showing the Angolans' solidarity with the Mozambicans when facing disaster and tragedy, he said.

The Angolan government also announced that it will send some 200,000 litres of fuel for planes to Maputo this week.

The Mozambicans are still living in a dramatic situation due to the ferocious floods starting from February 3, which affected some two million people. The worst-hit regions include the provinces of Maputo, Gaza, Inhambane, Sofala and Manica, most of them in the south and central parts of the country.