Ancuabe relocation situation update (July - 5th August 2022)


Following the June attacks in Ancuabe district, there has been a significant increase in the number of people moving from their places of origin to various locations in northern Mozambique in search of safe places to settle, among which some host communities and internally displaced people reside.

Between June and August 5th (reporting date), about 4,752 households and 17,907 individuals were relocated in two provinces (Cabo Delgado and Nampula), corresponding to five districts (Ancuabe, Chiure, Metuge, Montepuez, and Meconta) in fifteen resettlement sites (Centro de Ntele, Corrane, Nanona, Nicavaco, Nicuapa, Ntocota, Chimoio,
Cujupane, Mararange, Marrupa, Megaruma, Mirate, Nanjua A, Pulo and Ujama). A number of households that are currently residing in host communities in Pemba and other over-populated resettlement sites are going to be relocated to Nanona and Nicavaco, respectively. CCCM Cluster partners have carried out a number of activities at the site level. These activities include the mapping of abandoned shelters and unoccupied plots; the planning of new resettlement areas; providing technical assistance to the government in the verification and registration of beneficiaries; providing assistance to partners and the government in the distribution of food and non-food items; and conducting multisectoral needs assessments.