American Friends Service Committee to accept contributions to aid Mozambique flood victims

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is accepting financial contributions to assist in recovery efforts in Mozambique after a tropical cyclone and two weeks of torrential rains have left much of the country under water. Thousands of people are homeless and endangered in Mozambique's worst flooding in 50 years.
The Mozambican Government estimates over one million people have now been affected by the floods and are in urgent need of food, aid and shelter. The World Health Organization warned that hundreds of thousands of people are now at risk from epidemics-particularly cholera and malaria.

"The devastation from the severe flooding in Mozambique, one of the poorest nations in the world, will be felt for years to come," said Mary Massaro, director of AFSC's Africa Region. "Mozambique's crushing international debt payments -- more than $1.4 million per week -- will undermine recovery efforts unless there is a coordinated international effort to provide emergency assistance coupled with meaningful debt relief."

Contributions marked "Mozambique Cyclone Assistance" can be sent to AFSC, 1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102 or by calling 1-888-588-2372 ext. #1.

AFSC will be working in partnership with local non-governmental organizations and with AFSC staff based in Mozambique to direct assistance where it is most needed.

The AFSC has been active in Mozambique since its independence from Portugal in 1975. During the ensuing sixteen years of war, AFSC assistance included distributions of clothing, seeds, hand tools and medical supplies; construction of health and child care centers and support for a mobile clinic for mothers and children at high risk. With the advent of peace in 1992, AFSC began full-scale development activities in partnership with the Organization of Mozambican Women (OMM). Today, AFSC staff of twelve Mozambicans work with rural women's groups in Manica Province. More information on AFSC's work in Mozambique is available the AFSC website at