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Aiding survival for Mozambique's homeless families

World Vision has distributed 1,500 survival kits in Xai Xai province and continues to order thousands more as funding becomes available. Nearly 60 metric tonnes of food have been provided to 8,000 people around Inhacutse village. Vehicles for transportation are now a top priority to ensure the aid reaches flood victims in Gaza and Sofala provinces.
The survival kits will help 7,500 people in World Vision programme areas as they begin their journey home. Families are also being given seed packs and tool kits - these include a hoe, hose, spade and machete to enable them to begin farming again. Four thousand survival kits and seed packs have been ordered for distribution in the Save river valley, in Sofala province. Plans are currently being assessed for the distribution of a further 13,000 seed and tool kits.

Funds are still needed to allow World Vision to continue with the administration, transportation and distribution of relief provisions desperately needed for World Vision's programme in Mozambique at this time.

More than 84,000 people affected in Zimbabwe
World Vision is assisting over 84,000 people in its programme areas. Urgently needed are drugs to prevent the spread of water-borne diseases. In World Vision's Area Development Programmes (ADPs) the local communities are battling against disease caused by lack of sanitation and clean drinking water.

Simpliso Mavenge comes from Chishinya village within the Sengwe ADP area, 700km south-east of Harare. He works with the local government department of social welfare and has conducted a week-long assessment by helicopter of the area. Mavenge said that up to 75 per cent of the 35,000 strong population had lost their homes and livelihoods. "The situation is bad, there is no food, no shelter and we are fighting many diseases like malaria." Around 160 families have sought refuge in and around the local school which stands on a hill.

Three World Vision relief teams are currently working in Sengwe, and also Beit Bridge and Chipinge areas, distributing food rations of mealie meal, and household survival kits to provide temporary shelter.