ADPP Emergencia: The Flooding in Mozambique 29 Mar 2000

Situation Report
Originally published
The Floods
Over two million people have been affected to date.

The people who escaped or were rescued from the floods are currently living in camps called "accommodation centers". There are over 250 accommodation centers with 450.000 people living there.. The situation in all of them is very dire. The camps have shortage of food, clothing, water for both (drinking and bathing), blankets, tents, and medication.. Relief workers at a camp near the Limpopo river said that almost half of all the people that have arrived have malaria. Complicated malaria, malnutrition, anemia, infections, respiratory infections, aids, tuberculosis, diarrhea and traumas are the main cases registered in the hospital units set up in the accommodation centers.

Daily more than 100 tons of food and non food items are being distributed by helicopters, planes, boats, and as the roads are being opened - by truck. The centers accessible by land are few, most still rely solely on air delivery. The coordination of logistics and transport are improving.

A lot of relief aid is coming in, but there is a lack of organization in the distribution - especially in the bigger camps (In Chiaquelane, where ADPP is distributing clothes now, there are now more than 117.000 people living - a number that has risen dramatically from 65.000 people 11 days ago.) ADPP in collaboration with Red Cross Mozambique, PMA, the local administration and other entities are now making intense efforts to improving the distribution and organization. We are trying to create stable and transparent distribution systems and to counteract the pressure and shortage that creates panic, greed, and chaos, which provoked loss of lives a couple of weeks ago when unorganized distributions were made by IURD, distributing relief goods directly from their trucks without coordinating with the local administration.

A new wave of flooding 11 days ago has meant that some of the repaired roads were destroyed, isolating new districts in southern Mozambique. The rain is diminishing, but still it will take several weeks before people can move out of the camps. Most have lost EVERYTHING: Houses, cattle, crops, clothes, furniture, kitchen equipment ..... Schools, wells, roads, bridges, clinics etc. have been lost or severely damaged.

In the city of Maputo more than 10.000 families still do not have houses and are living in accommodation centers.The government has made a second appeal for relief aid of more than 80 million USD.In April there will be a donor conference in Rome.

Our Efforts to Help the Flood Victims

ADPP has begun to consolidate it's efforts with other organizations to more efficiently supply relief to the flood stricken areas. The Latter Day Saints (US) have shipped 9 containers of clothing, food, and medicine, which will arrive during the coming weeks. They have supplied $10.000 US for blankets that we have distributed in the emergency packages and $1000 US to help with distribution costs.

ADPP is also collaborating with the Mozambican Government's Institute for Disaster Management and the local authorities. Many partnerships are being forged : The development fund headed by Graca Machel, FDC, is collaborating all around assistance for children and vulnerable groups in Chilembene area.

ADPP / Red Cross is now working with a very dedicated and efficient group of relief workers. We have now been joined by 6 teachers, whom have graduated or are currently receiving their education from EPF Maputo. They themselves are flood victims living in Chiaquelane, the biggest accommodation camp.

In Beira a team of people one project leader, solidarity workers, and a task force from EPF Nhamatanda, are processing and distributing 23 tons of clothes. ADPP has been requested to assist with distribution of food from PMA in southern Manica Province. This is now being organized.

Our efforts are focused in the following areas: Raising funds: Getting partners, distributing and assisting with our own and other organization's funds, Relief Aid: receiving, processing and distributing clothing in emergency packages for 600 families per day. This will be done with Red Cross, who will also support with logistics, volunteers, and the clothes they receive locally for ADPP to process. We also plan to expand the Child Aid activities in the Maputo and Matola areas to further the assistance of relocation, construction of latrines and hygiene campaigns, and to combat malaria, Cholera, diarrhea and dysentery, which are ever-increasing problems. We will assist the reconstruction of the schools, support teachers and supply teaching materials, through our net of students, graduated or still receiving their education from the teachers training colleges from Maputo, Nhamatanda and Chimoio.

When water levels recede the next phase will be to help organize the resettlement of thousands of people in the affected areas.

Clothing Already Distributed

During the past few weeks we have continued our efforts to distribute family clothing packages to as many of the flood victims as we are able to reach. ADPP and the Latter Day Saints (LDS Charities), combined, have to date donated 57.2 tons of clothing. National Mozambican solidarity campaigns, promoted via the Red Cross of Mozambique, have raised 11.3 tons of clothing and shoes (as well as 1.8 tons of soap), which have been processed and distributed by ADPP. The Red Cross clothes were received as donations from South Africa, the Indian Community of Mozambique, local solidarity, and Shoprite. We have also processed more than one ton of clothes from the Municipality of Maputo, which are the results of local solidarity contributions.

We have had the help of many volunteers in the production of the family packs. Many project leaders, workers, students, and solidarity workers from ADPP Moçambique have been working full time on our relief efforts. The Red Cross sends 14 volunteers daily, to work in the family package production, as well as volunteers to assist with the distribution in the accommodation centers. The FDC (Fundaçao de Desenvolvimento Comunitaria, or the Foundation for Community Development), the International Womens Club, and LDS Charities have all provided volunteer workers at various times.

Transport, primarily for the distribution of the packages, has also been donated. ADPP Projectos has donated a truck that has been at our disposal during this entire operation. Tranportes Urbanos provided trucks for our trips to Xinavane and Palmeras (this was organized by Clube Naval, Maputo). A private businessman named Mr. Santos has also lent us a truck to transport clothing from Maputo to Palmeras. The Stenaks Company has provided transport for the distribution of 660 family packages.

In total 52 tons of clothing have been distributed to the flood victims, in the form of family packs. These clothes have benefited 7,400 families, or approximately 44,900 people. The ADPP distribution team has distributed the following amounts, in the following accommodation centers:


7.9 tons


7.3 tons

Chibuto (Eduardo Mondlane)

3.3 tons


2.7 tons


6.9 tons


5.9 tons

A number of ADPP produced family packages have also been distributed by other Organizations:


Accommodation Center


Auxilio Mundial


9 tons



1.7 tons


Orphanage at Chiaquelane

90 kgs.

ADPP and the Red Cross now plan to focus our distribution efforts on Chiaquelane (the largest center with a population of 117,000), Xai-Xai, Chibuto, and Maçia in the province of Gaza, as well as assisting many families in the Maputo area, also devastated by the floods.

The clothes sorting center and distribution system are all running fairly smoothly. We are producing on average 600 family packages a day, and usually manage distribution to at least one center per day.

We hope to continue our efforts for some months, and reach as many of the afflicted population as possible. Our efforts would be greatly assisted with any sort of donation.

The costs of processing and distributing one family package of 7.5kgs. is $3 (US). The Mozambican Embassy in New York has received more than 100 tons of clothing and other goods, to be distributed to the flood victims. They have arranged a price of $2,500 (US) per container. ADPP Moçambique can send, process, and distribute these items in coordination with Planet Aid. The Swedish Military has provided five containers worth of different materials (tents, tools, clothes, kitchen utensils, etc. from their stores) via UFF Sweden. We have found the materials, have the necessary labor and accommodations to process and distribute the goods, but need your help to transport and finance the materials.

To make a monetary donation you can deposit directly into either of our accounts (In U.S. dollars). In Mozambique:

Banco International de Mozambique
Av. Samora Macheal 247
Maputo, Moçambique
Swift Number: BIM.OM ZMX
Telex Number: 6348
Account Name: ADPP Moçambique- Doaçao UFF/ Humana

Corresponding Bank in New York: Bank of New York
Swift Number: IR VTU S 3 N

In Europe - Denmark:
BG Bank
Vendersgade 26 Fredericia
Account Number: 0213-218-88-15076

If you make a donation please e-mail us at, with the date, amount and confirmation number of your contribution. Thank you for your consideration on this matter.

To learn more about the situation in Mozambique and our efforts to help the flood victims visit our website: