ADPP Emergencia: The flooding in Mozambique 29 Apr 2000

Situation Report
Originally published
News From Mozambique April 29, 2000
Currently the flood waters in southern Mozambique are residing and the populations of the accommodation centers are returning to their villages. The organizations distributing relief aid will continue to do so in the villages. ADPP Emergency, in collaboration with the Red Cross, will start to distribute family packages of clothing, tents, blankets, soap, and hygiene and sanitation kits, in the villages this week. As the people return to their homes the Mozambican government, the UN organizations, the INGC (the National Institue for Disaster Management), national and international NGO's, and Civil Society have begun to coordinate Reconstruction Programs (RP) to stabilize the peoples lives and rebuild the infrastructure of the country. The government will issue a second appeal for international assisstance, which is to be launched at a large donor conference in Rome on the 3th and 4th of May.

The estimated costs of the Reconstruction Programs come to a grand total of $427,468,171 (US).

(for more in depth information about the RP prepared in preparation for the donor conference visit

The priorities of the RP have been designated as building or rehabilitating in the following sectors:


  • 7 Irrigation systems
  • 4 Sugar refineries
  • 3 Sugar cane plantations
Social Sector:
  • 508 Schools
Health Care:
  • 2 Hospitals
  • 37 Health Centers
  • Water Sanitation
  • Latrine Building
  • 2,400 Houses in Maputo, Xai-Xai, and Chokwe
Means of Access:
  • 3 Railroad lines
  • 100's of Kilometers of road
ADPP's 18 years of experience working in Mozambique has been mainly in the realms of integrated rural and suburban development within health care and prevention, Child Aid and Women's programs, Education, Construction of social infrasturctures such as schools and clinics and Reconstruction.

Since that is where our experience lies, those are the areas in which we will contribute our efforts during this time of reconstruction.

Mozambique's health network was extremely affected by the flooding, making it very difficult to provide health assistance to the population. A preliminary survey indicates the partial destruction of one General Hospital in Maputo, and varying levels of destruction to 4 Rural Hospital, 8 large Health Centers, 31 small Health Centers and various other health institutions. The RP calls for rebuilding the health care infrastructure on all levels: reconstructing hospitals and health centers in the towns and health posts in the rural areas, sanitation projects to provide more hygenic latrines and clean water supplies, and educational & vaccination campaigns.

In the area of health care, ADPP has agreed to work with MSF (Docters Without Borders), local administration and the health authorities, on the campaign to combat cholera. Currently one of the sources of cholera cases in Maputo is the water supply and dire sanitation in the Costa de Sol area and other areas of Maputo and Matola.

ADPP has a "Child Aid" project in Costa de Sol, and through this project in conjunction with MSF they will be constructing sanitary latrines, digging or cleaning wells and waterpoints, and through awareness campaigns, educating the population of the dangers of cholera and diarrhea, and how to avoid them.

The Mozambican government and UNICEF have reported that 508 schools (more than 1,300 classrooms)have been partially damaged or completely destroyed by the recent floods. Their goal under the RP is not just to rebuild the education system, but to improve upon its preexisting level of functioning. Under the RP they plan to rebuild 750 and to construct 585 new classrooms, furnished with furniture and learning materials. The RP calls for the immediate re-activation of teaching and educational activities with the goal of raising student participation by 15% as well as a 15% increase in learning results (as measured by exam scores and transition rates from primary to secondary education).

These goals are closely aligned with those of the ADPP Teacher Training Colleges. ADPP has a network of 118 teachers living and working in the flood affected regions of southern Mozambique. These teachers have either graduated from, or are currently working on their one year practice period as part of their formation from ADPP's Teacher Training College in Maputo.

In addition to being primary school teachers, these teachers are also trained in making health campaigns, the construction of latrines and other building projects involving the community and the schools, literacy campaigns, agriculture and school gardens to improve the nutrition level of children, and other community based programs. Many of these teachers who have been living in the accommodation centers have played a key role in our distribution of family packages of clothing, blankets, and soap to the flood victims in the accommodation centers.

ADPP has assisted many of these 118 teachers in the form of clothing, blankets, and kitchen utensils. This was done in the hope of stabilizing their their personal situation so they are able to assume a lead role in the rehabilitation of their schools and communities, also a program of the RP. In the areas where it was possible these ADPP teachers reinitiated their classes on the 17th of April. ADPP Emergency plans to involve the rest of these teachers in our program to reconstruct schools and distribute school material, clean up the schools or start in tents while construction is going on, make latrines and help instruct the local community and the schools in construction of latrines, make schools gardens to improve the diet of the children and counteract the malnutrition occurred during the flooding, and help some of the traumatised and orphaned children in the areas where they live and teach. This program is currently being planned and coordinated with UNICEF MINED (the Ministry of Education), OMS (World Health Organisation) and other partners.

ADPP Emergency and the Red Cross have already distributed more than 82 tons of clothing, benefiting 10.622 families in the flood affected areas. We have plans to receive, process, and distribute another 150. This and our reconstruction programs will require a fair amount of capital. As a non-profit organization ADPP is limited to the amount of aid we can provide. We have the facilities and know how to provide these services to the flood victims, but need your help to fund them.To make a monetary donation you can deposit directly into either of our accounts (In U.S. dollars). In Mozambique:

Banco Internacional de Moçambique
Av. Samora Machel 247
Maputo, Moçambique
Swift Number: BIM.OM ZMX
Telex Number:6348
Account Name: ADPP Moçambique - Doaç=E3o UFF/Humana
Account Number: 319810
Corresponding Bank in New York: Bank of New York
Swift Number: IR VTU S 3 N

In Europe:

BG Bank
Vendersgade 26 Fredericia
Account Name: ADPP Moçambique
Account Number: 0213-218-88-15076

If you make a donation please e-mail us at, with the date, amount, and confirmation number of your donation. Thank you for your consideration on this matter. Please forward this e-mail to anyone who may be interested. For more information on Humana and ADPP's emergency programs, visit our website at

ADPP Emergency would like to thank the following individuals, companies, and organizations who have helped us in our endeavors through either monetary support, donated aid items, transportation, offering assistance with volunteers or assisting in other ways:

The Red Cross Federation, Red Cross Germany, Red Cross Mozambique, Red Cross Maputo, Red Cross Matola, Red Cross Macia, Red Cross Chibuto, Stenaks, AAR (Association for Aid and Relief ) Japan, Doris Bader, Linda Lauch, Frank Lauch, Dorothy Lauch, Louis Lauch, The South African Embassy, Latter Day Saints and LDS Charities in Mozambique and in USA, Planet Aid USA, Fonden til Stoette for Humanitaere Formaal til fremme af forskning og til Beskyttelse af Naturmiljoet, World Relief (Auxilio Mundial), the FDC (Fund for the Development of the Community), Teia (Web for Mozambican NGO's), Nucleo Contra Drogas, AGEMOD, Stenaks, The International Women=B4s club in Mocambique, Sr. Santos, Caritas, Trocaire, Transportes Urbanos, Mary Hooker and Family, UNICEF, UNDP, The Shelter Group coordinating the resettlement issues, TVM, INGC, Zaccariga & crew offering logistic support, The Joint Logistic Operation Centre (INGC) providing air transport for goods and ADPP field officers, The administrators of Chokwe, Hokwe, Chibuto, Xai Xai, Macia and other places where we are operating, The Maputo City Counsil, The Provincial Administration of Education Gaza, ADPP Projectos, ADPP Colegío, ADPP AAC, ADPP EPF, ADPP Sede, ADPP Escola Desportiva, ADPP OWU, ADPP Vestuario, and many other people in our districts who have volunteered their help.


On behalf of ADPP Relief Aid Crew
Anna Hempel

NB ! Please don=B4t hesitate to contact us with questions, ideas, contacts.

It is our joined efforts that count.

The need is so big.

The willingness, the internal and international solidarity that we have experienced amazing, and our wish to continue the disaster relief while we seek to turn it into long lasting, sustainable development efforts. This will be the headline of our next newsletter.