Action Against Hunger helps 50,000 flood victims

Since 1992, Action Against Hunger (AAH) has worked in Mozambique to support the peace process. Now AAH is urgently reinforcing its team in providing assistance to thousands of flood victims.

Reacting to the widespread disaster currently afflicting Mozambique, AAH has sent an emergency team to its base in Beira, to implement assistance programs for approximately 50,000 people of Sofala Province, in the districts of Buzy, Machanga, and Chibabanva.

The human conditions, of those who have been stranded in areas to which access is extremely difficult, is catastrophic. The population has lost everything: their houses and personal belongings have been destroyed, and their crops ravaged. A major part of the public infrastructure - health centers, water supply systems, schools, roads, bridges - have been completely devastated by the torrential rains and cyclones that have battered the country.

Action Against Hunger has started its emergency assistance in the Buzi district where more than 16,000 displaced persons have been streaming in.

An air cargo with four tons of hydraulic supplies was shipped on March 4th.

There is great fear that once the cyclone has subsided, the number of displaced persons will dramatically increase, not counting the thousands of residents whose homes have been submerged or washed away.

Action Against Hunger's Emergency Relief Response :

- In order to prevent a cholera epidemic from spreading out of the polluted water, Action Against Hunger water and sanitation volunteers are making emergency repairs of the existing water systems located in the town of Buzy. In the meantime, they are organizing the distribution of treated water. The water pumps will then be restored in order to multiply the available water outlets.

- Action Against Hunger teams plan to distribute essential products including hygiene kits and cooking materials.

- Plastic sheeting, designed to protect the homes will be furnished to the affected families whose roofs have collapsed by the storms.

- Once it is safe for the displaced persons to return to their villages, Action Against Hunger will assist and provide the means to restart local farm production. The floods have destroyed the crops, and Action Against Hunger will distribute seeds and agricultural tools to farmers.