ACT Appeal - Mozambique Floods Relief & Rehabilitation - AFMZ91

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Appeal Target: US$ 333,627
Geneva, 25 May, 1999

Dear Colleagues,

As a consequence of La Niña phenomenon, Mozambique has, since the beginning of 1999, been lashed by unusually heavy rains, the worst in over 40 years. The results of these heavy rains on a region that only six months earlier had experienced one of the worst droughts in recent times has been devastating. Reports indicate 32 deaths, 200,000 persons severely affected, thousands of hectares of arable land and infrastructure damaged/destroyed and thousands of homes washed away. Gaza District is one of the most affected areas, where the flood waters destroyed several small dams and caused structural damage to the Punguine Dam which had been repaired after the 1996 inundations.

In spite of diminishing rainfall, many areas still remain inaccessible, including the areas around the Punguine Dam which connects several villages as well as the main road to Chokwe, the administrative and business centre of the district.

Following assessments and consultations between the Christian Council of Mozambique (CCM) and the Lutheran World Federation/Department of World Service (LWF/DWS) Mozambique, the two ACT members propose to initiate measures to address some of the specific needs and thereby alleviate the suffering of the flood affected people.

The LWF/DWS has drawn up plans for repairing the severely damaged Punguine Dam which will once again provide access to the villagers as well as facilitate water storage for the dry season.

The Christian Council of Mozambique proposes providing tools and seeds to the most vulnerable of the flood affected farmers to enable them to grow a crop and reconstruct their livelihoods.

Please kindly send your contributions to the ACT bank account.

For further information, please contact:

ACT Co-ordinator, Miriam Lutz (Phone 41-22-791 60 32 or mobile phone ++41-79 203 60 55)
ACT Appeals Officer, Neville Pradhan (Phone 41-22-791 60 35 or mobile phone ++41-79 285 29 16).

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Rev. Myra Blyth
WCC/Cluster on Relations
Miriam Lutz
ACT Co-ordinator
Rev. Rudolf Hinz
LWF/World Service

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