ACT Appeal Mozambique: Emergency Flood Relief - AFMZ-12

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Appeal Target: US$ 1,985,873
Balance Requested from ACT Network: US$ 1,283,864

Geneva, 12 March 2001

Dear Colleagues,

Once again Mozambique is facing serious problems of flooding this time in the Zambezi river basin in the provinces of Zambezia, Tete, Sofala and Manica. A tropical depression hit the coast of Zambezia Province between the 20 and 25 January resulting in heavy rain and localised flooding. By early February the government of Mozambique had reported 10 deaths, 253,000 affected and almost 24,000 displaced in the districts of Nicoadala, Namacurra, Maganja da Costa, Pebane, Inhassunge, Chinde, Mopeia, and Morrumbala in Zambezia Province. Torrential rains continued moving inland across Sofala, Manica and Tete provinces in Mozambique and into Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. This caused extensive flooding of the Zambezi river basin.

The government has reported that over 400,000 people have been affected, 70,000 displaced, and at least 52 dead from drowning. Compared to last year’s flooding there has been fewer casualties and fewer displaced persons, but the affected people have lost their houses, household goods, and almost all their crops and are without food. The level of preparedness for this emergency was good from the point of view of the Government, the WFP, UNICEF, and the NGO’s. Evacuation of the people has been effective although some people in some of the areas were reluctant to move for mainly two reasons:

  • Fear that the government will not let them resettle again
  • Fear for the theft of their little possessions.

The 3 ACT members in Mozambique, the Lutheran World Federation (LWF/WS), Christian Council of Mozambique (CCM) and the Presbyterian Church of Mozambique (PCM) have put together a joint appeal to respond to the needs of the affected people.

The following are the areas of response proposed in the appeal:

  • Relief Food Distribution
  • Household Items (Kitchen utensils, blankets and tools)
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Seeds and Tools
  • Shelter

Project Completion Date: 30 June 2001

Summary of Appeal Targets, Pledges/Contributions Received and Balance Requested

Appeal Total US$
Total Appeal Targets
Less: Pledges/Contr Recd
Balance Requested from ACT Network
- 12,346

Please kindly send your contributions to the following ACT bank account:

Account Number - 102539/0.01.061 (USD)
Account Name: ACT - Action by Churches Together
Banque Edouard Constant
Cours de Rive 11
Case postale 3754
1211 Genève 3

Please also inform the Finance Officer Jessie Kgoroeadira (direct tel. +4122/791.60.38, e-mail address of all pledges/contributions and transfers, including funds sent direct to the implementers, now that the Pledge Form is no longer attached to the Appeal.

We would appreciate being informed of any intent to submit applications for EU, USAID and/or other back donor funding and the subsequent results. We thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

ACT Web Site address:

Ms. Geneviève Jacques
WCC/Cluster on Relations
Thor-Arne Prois
ACT Coordinator
Rev. Rudolf Hinz
LWF/World Service

ACT is a worldwide network of churches and related agencies meeting human need through coordinated emergency response.

The ACT Coordinating Office is based with the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) in Switzerland.

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