Morocco: Mohammed V Solidarity Foundation - Medical, hygiene, food, psychological assistance to quake-stricken populations

News and Press Release
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RABAT, Apr. 08- The Mohammed V solidarity foundation has provided several forms of assistance and support to victims of the earthquake that jolted last February 24 the Moroccan northern region of Al Hoceima.
The foundation says in a roundup-statement released on Wednesday that as soon as the 6.6 quake that left 629 people dead, thousands of people injured and others homeless erupted, the foundation rushed to the region various forms of support, including equipped medical teams, devices to preserve the hygiene of the regions, psychological support and specific operations for people left in a precarious situation by the tremor.

Thus, 3 mobile medical units together with ambulances and 42 four wheel-drive cars were dispatched to offer diagnosis and medical treatment services. A total of 30 voluntary doctors and 360 social workers were on the site, both in fixed units (in 2 localities) and as part of itinerant teams. These relief teams were supplied with medicine and other medical equipment while the hospital of Al Hoceima was provided by the Foundation with a mammography device in addition to other equipment, worth 8 million DH (US$888,000), donated by the foundation last September.

Regarding supplies of foods and other relief products, the foundation says it has distributed 2,500 tents, thousands of blankets and other foodstuffs for a total value exceeding 20 million DH (US$ 222 million), including 3 million DH (US$333,000) that went to school bags given to school pupils.

The foundation has distributed the assistance through its own teams or through local associations to which it provided 17 vehicles.

To prevent the appearance of diseases and epidemics, the Foundation says it has provided antirabic vaccinations, hygiene products and other equipment, particularly 2 waste-collection vans and garbage containers. The bivouacs accommodating the quake-struck populations were also endowed with prefabricated and concrete toilets.

In a contribution to alleviate the moral sufferings of the traumatized population, the foundation opened psychological support centers where sociologists, psychologists, psychiatrists and pedo-psychiatrists brought support to the victims.

In addition to these emergency relief operations, the Foundation says it has started acting to support orphans and women who lost relatives or suffered physical handicaps, as a result of the quake.

The Foundation, which says it will publish an audited report on donations it received, announced that it was given donations worth 34 million DH (US$3.7 million) by enterprises, individuals and associations.