Morocco: Floods 2014 DREF n° MDRMA006 Final Report


A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

Violent storms started on the evening of 23 November 2014 have caused widespread flooding and flood several Wadis (river) in the south of the country. The storms were still ongoing on Sunday 23 November late afternoon and an awareness bulletin remained in effect until Monday the 24th of November noon, according to the national meteorology.

In total there were 47 deaths recorded, two people missing, 1,093 people rescued and 1,690 evacuated from dangerous zones. At least 140 houses were destroyed and 100 roads were cut off, including six national highways. A report issued by the Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics indicated 25 road cuts and hundreds of archways threatened by floods. Precipitation that exceeded 120 mm/ hour affected the Atlantic coast of Tangier in Sidi Ifni, the chain of the High and Anti Atlas, center and east of the country accompanied of a temperature drop with snowfall in altitudes from 1,700 m which would complicate the situation. While flash floods are fairly common in Morocco, the recent downpours have been "particularly intense".