Morocco: Donations for Al Hoceima quake victims exceeded US$ 24 million

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RABAT, May 20 - Donations to account 101, dedicated by HM king Mohammed VI in the wake of the quake that following the earthquake that jolted last February 24 the northeastern region of Al Hoceima, killing over 600 and making scores of injured, totalled 238.408.449,84 Dirhams (over $24 million), governor of Morocco's central bank, Abdellatif Jouahri, said.

"The number of contributors has exceeded one million, though the number, as registered at the collecting network, is of 724,000, for large numbers have been registered collectively."

The funds, he said, have not been spent yet and the government will define allocation modalities, mainly in the framework of the emergency plan for Al Hoceima reconstruction.

This amount, Jouahri said, does not include donations promised by some friend countries, and which were not sent to the account.

"Bank Al Maghrib did not receive, so far, the aid announced by some countries on the wake of the deadly quake that shook Al Hoceima region," Jouahri said at a press briefing on the situation of the 101 account.

The governor, who said he was confident the aid will arrive, said administrative procedures in some countries may explain the delay.

Jouahri underlined that the account remains open and continues receiving donations, adding that Bank Al Maghrib has taken all the necessary measures to facilitate them.