Morocco: Delegation enquires about rainstorm damages in Nador

Nador, Oct. 29 (MAP)- Upon instructions from King Mohammed VI, a delegation headed by Interior Minister enquired, on Tuesday, about the damages caused last week by the floods in the northeastern province of Nador.

Chakib Benmoussa, who held a meeting with elected members of the region, expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and introduced the government's relief strategy that consists in giving the priority, in the first phase, to rescuing and relieving the flood-stricken populations, restoring roads, electric grids and drinking water supply, besides opening up flood-stricken regions.

The second phase of the strategy eyes to evaluate the damages with a view to provide appropriate assistance, restore damaged infrastructure and provide assistance to the families wishing to rebuild their damaged homes.

According to Benmoussa, the third phase consists in mapping out an emergency program to protect the ravaged regions from potential floods in the future through the implementation of projects meant to reinforce basic infrastructure.

In this respect, the elected members stressed the need to build dams to protect the city of Nador from the havoc inflicted by floods.

The delegation also visited the most ravaged areas in Nador city and its vicinity where they enquired about the extent of the damage and listened to the complaints of the victims.

During this visit, they were also briefed on the assistance by the Mohammed V Solidarity foundation, which, in addition to providing material assistance, earmarks the distribution of 5,000 food rations to the victims.

At least thirty people died following torrential rains that struck the North African country since the beginning of the month while infrastructure in different parts of Morocco sustained major damage.