Morocco: Delegation enquires about heavy rain damages in Oujda, measures in favour of victims announced

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Oujda, Oct. 27 (MAP) - A series of measures were taken in favour of the victims of the floods that hit the eastern city of Oujda over the past few days.

The measures were announced by the super governor of the eastern region Mohamed Ibrahimi at a meeting here Sunday with a delegation including Speaker of the House of Representative, Mustapha Mansouri, Minister of Housing, Taoufiq Hejira, and Minister of Health, Yasmina Baddou who were visiting the city to enquire about the damages entailed by the torrential rain that caused the death of 4 people, the collapse of 11 buildings, and the deterioration of 130 other dwellings in several neighborhoods in the city.

Part of the measures, some 200 households will benefit from free lots of land and assistance to build new houses, and some other 100 owners will get assistance to refurbish their dwellings that were partly damaged by the rain.

The members of the visiting delegation stressed the need to take all the measures and precautions to prevent similar situations, as the country is anticipating more bad weather.

They insisted that the floods which threaten several countries due to the climate change, require a comprehensive approach to prevent the dangers of flooding in the future.

The death toll from the torrential rains that hit Morocco's north and eastern regions rose to 19 people, and caused heavy infrastructure damages.

Rain levels in the north African country have been at their highest for 35 years during the past month.