Migration Emergency Response Fund (MERF) | Alert 08 – Morocco (Essential needs for migrants): Doctors of the World Final Report Summary | 06 November 2017


Context and Project Summary

This intervention was designed to respond to two parallel dynamics progressively worsening the living conditions of migrants in Morocco over the summer period: a) due to favourable weather conditions facilitating sea crossing, the number of migrants gathering at the northern borders in the forests around Tangier and Nador increases over the summer and living conditions in camps became precarious; b) due to the combination of higher number of migrants and the aggressive ‘decongesting’ strategies implemented by national authorities, high number of regular and irregular migrants are pushed back to displacement cities in the Centre and South of the country.

A comprehensive response aimed at improving the living conditions and ability to access basic services of the most vulnerable migrant populations in border camps and displacement areas. This has had a substantial added value to the very limited capacity of the current response system to cover the increasing humanitarian needs of the migrant population in Morocco.

The response centred around the combination of two delivery models to maximize reach and impact of the intervention:

  1. Deploying two mobile teams to the camps in the north and displacement areas according to the needs. One team was made of 3 permanent staff (health referent/doctor + logistics referent + driver) and was based in Rabat and the other team, based in Oujda, had a support function in the north and was made of a logistics referent and a driver.

  2. Support to existing local partners in the border camps around Nador and Tangier and in displacement zones in Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, Agadir and Laayoune to improve their capacity to meet increasing needs resulting from increasing numbers of migrants. DOTW worked with 12 partners, providing medical assistance, disease sensitisation & screening, NFI & food distributions as well as supporting a response to a scabies outbreak in an urban migrant camp in Fez.