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Integration of Migrants and Refugees: Morocco Adopts Royal Strategy Based on Human Spirit (Sky News Arabia)

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The news website "Sky News Arabia" highlighted the efforts made by Morocco in recent years for the integration of migrants and refugees, especially young people, stressing that the Kingdom adopts in this regard a royal strategy based on a human spirit.

Under the title "Morocco helps young refugees to attend schools", the Emirati media noted that this humanitarian strategy aims to "achieve a better integration of migrants as well as a better management of migration flows within the framework of a coherent, comprehensive, humanitarian and responsible policy".

Beyond its financial and economic cost, this new policy is a purely human royal initiative, wrote the website, noting that Morocco has successfully implemented this strategy and has become a model for the integration of migrants in Africa.

The Kingdom has transformed itself from a transit country for migrants and refugees to a host country thanks to legal, humanitarian and human rights factors, the author of the article explained, citing in particular the national immigration and asylum strategy launched in 2014.

This strategy aims to guarantee the rights of migrants and refugees and allow them to have access to public services, especially education and training, according to the same source, recalling in this sense that the ministry of National Education and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees have recently signed a framework partnership agreement to support the integration of refugees in the national education system.

This agreement, added the media, aims to establish joint actions to facilitate the integration of refugees and migrants in Morocco and their children in the national education system and also provides for their training in the Arabic language and Moroccan culture as well as their participation in various cultural, sporting and linguistic activities.

Citing data from the ministry of National Education, Sky News Arabia said that 3227 migrant and refugee children were enrolled in the 2020-2021 school year in Moroccan schools.

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