Immigration and Asylum: Moroccan Strategy Ensures Dignity, Socio-Economic Integration for Refugees

from Government of Morocco
Published on 21 Jun 2018 View Original

Morocco's Immigration and Asylum Strategy enabled refugees to recover their dignity and contribute to wealth creation, said, Wednesday in Rabat, UNHCR representative in Morocco Jean-Paul Cavaliéri.

Over 5,000 people from thirty countries, as Syria, Yemen, Congo, Iraq and Palestine, took refuge in Morocco and benefited from free movement accross the country, said Cavaliéri at a press briefing on the World Refugee Day.

Noting that 62% of refugees in Morocco are women and children, he underlined that granting a legal status to refugees will protect them against forced return to origin countries and will help them have access to basic services and health care.

The refugees exist side by side with Moroccans in over 50 cities throughout the Kingdom, he said, lauding Morocco's constructive role during UN talks on migration, ahead of the signature of the Global Compact for Migration.

The event was also marked by the presentation of the Global Trends report for 2017.