Emergency relief in response to the Flood disaster in Morocco

Secretariat of the Japan
Disaster Relief Team
The following is a report on the provision of emergency relief supplies to Morocco.

1. Emergency Situation

In Morocco, torrential rain continuously fell from November 14 to 28, 2002 and caused flood in various regions, mainly in Mohammedia (65km southwest of Rabat and 30km northeast of Casablanca) and Settat (55km south of Casablanca).

The effect of the flood caused casualties as follows: 63 deaths, 17 people injured and 26 missing. In addition, there were reports of collapsed houses (24 completely collapsed and 1,707 half collapsed) and the breakdown of infrastructure such as roads, as well as damage to agricultural land and livestock. Moreover, a river was flooded due to the heavy rain, and flowed into an oil refinery facility in Mohammedia. Subsequently, oil washed out by the water got into machinery and equipment in the facility, causing an explosion. A similar accident also occurred in Skirat (25km southwest of Rabat) and caused secondary damages.

Total affected: Approximately 15,000 (based on survey data of the local embassy as of December 9)

2. Response of Japan

Japan is now preparing for the provision of emergency relief supplies as follows.

(1) Relief Goods Supplied (from the U.K. storage depository: Planned)
Plastic canteens 720
7,000L portable water tanks 7
Water purifiers 12
Electric generators (220V, 50Hz) 16
Electric cord reels (240V) 16

(2) Estimated Value of Relief Supplies: 10,922,400 yen

(3) Transport Schedule
Coordination is under way for transport by flight via the shortest route from the U.K. storage depository to Casablanca.

3. Response of the Government of Morocco

(1) On November 26, the King Mohammed VI of Morocco summoned an emergency response conference and announced the reconstruction of infrastructures, restoration of oil refinery facilities and support for affected people. It was also decided that the Interior Ministry would coordinate disaster measures.

(2) At the request of the King Mohammed VI, the Mohammed V Solidarity Foundation prepared $187,265 as relief funds for affected people.

(3) On December 5, Mr. Benaissa, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, expressed expectations on emergency relief to Mr. Kawamura, Ambassador to Morocco. On December 6, Mr. Bouab, Supervisor in charge of interior affairs of the Interior Ministry, also requested that the Embassy in Morocco provide emergency relief supplies.

4. Response of Other Aid Agencies

(1) The U.S. provided the Moroccan Red Crescent Society with tents, blankets, medical supplies, etc. (approximately $50,000).

(2) Belgium provided sleeping bags, medical supplies, school equipment, 2,800 blankets, etc.

(3) Algeria provided natural gas.

(4) Saudi Arabia provided tents, carpets, food and medical supplies.

(5) France provided EUR 82,500 in financial assistance and dispatched a special team for pollution and flood measures.