Hurricane Risk Reduction Resilience Drive Programme Ends May 31, 2018

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The Montserrat Customs and Revenue Service (MCRS) is reminding residents, home and building owners that the “HURRICANE RISK REDUCTION RESILIENCE PROMOTIONAL DRIVE” introduced by the Government of Montserrat through the Customs Duties and Consumption Tax (Disaster Preparedness) (Exemption) Order on November 27, 2017, will end on May 31, 2018.

To benefit from the programme items must arrive and be cleared before May 31.

The programme allows persons to benefit from exemption on the customs duties and consumption tax on the importation of a number items. These include:

• Generators for use by individuals, business, churches, schools, irrigation for farms; subject to the usual certification from MUL, to signify their knowledge and agreement with the importer safe use and safe connection.

• Changeover switches, to allow for the safe connection to generators and safe transition from the grid to generator power.

• Purpose built/readymade storm shutters, to promote quick preparation and quick removal and ready for service after passage of storms.

• Chainsaws to promote the cutting and removal of trees from over buildings, power lines, telephone lines and Cable TV Lines.

• Wood chippers to promote the safe and useful disposal of tree cuttings. This would reduce the amount of unnecessary wood/tree products taken to the landfill site for disposal.

The following conditions must be satisfied for persons to benefit:

· Individuals are encouraged to send their written applications to the Ministry of Finance for approval

· All imports of generators and change over switches are subject to the usual certification from MUL as evidence that the applicant is aware of the requirements for the safe use of the generator and or change over switch.

· Please note the 5% processing fee is payable.

The MCRS can be contacted for more details about the programme. Please call the MCRS headquarters at 491 3816 and ask for the Customs Division or e-mail Alternatively, individuals can go to the Attorney General’s website and look up SR&O 66 of 2017 Customs Duties and Consumption Tax (Disaster Preparedness) (Exemption) Order, where further details can be obtained.