Montenegro: Appeal No. MAAME001 - Annual Report 2010


In brief

Programme purpose: All programmes and activities of the Red Cross of Montenegro are aligned and contribute to the Strategy 2020 aiming to improve the lives and to alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable people through disaster management, health and care, organizational development, and focus on the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement’s Fundamental Principles and humanitarian values.

Programme summary: The International Federation continues to support the Red Cross of Serbia its efforts to provide efficient and quality services to the most vulnerable groups within following programmes:

• Disaster management (In addition to the ongoing preparedness activities, dealing with coordination among stakeholders at local level, the Federation provided support for activities aimed at people affected by severe floods.)

• Health and care (The focus is on HIV and AIDS as well as Voluntary Blood Donation activities.)

• Organizational development (The focus is on developing sustainable systems, procedures and increasing the staff’s capacities.)

• Principles and values (Work with vulnerable populations on their strengthening and integration, as well as advocacy: vulnerable Roma children, young people living with disabilities, older vulnerable people.)

Limited funding dictates that some of the activities have to be postponed until there are means to implement them. The International Federation continues to support the National Society in lookingfor new sources of funding to invest into priority areas and achieve planned results.

Financial situation: The total budget for 2010 was CHF 75,000 of which 12% was covered. The total expenses amounted to CHF 8,802 which is approximately 12% of the budget.

No. of people we help: During 2010 a total of 734 people benefited directly from Federation supported programmes. Another 9,080 have been assisted through emergency response activities funded through the Federation’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund.

Our partners: Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development contributed as a multilateral donor.
Danish, Austrian, Italian and Spanish Red Cross societies have contributed as bilateral donors independently or on programmes coordinated by the Federation. Two ministries were programme partners.