UNFPA Mongolia - Situation Report #3 on COVID-19 response, Reporting period: September 1-30, 2020

Situation Report
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Situation Overview

As of September 30, 2020, the country reported 313 cases of COVID-19 with 305 patients treated and recovered, and with 8 patients receiving medical care at the National Center for Communicable Diseases. There were 4,231 people in quarantine by the end of September, 2020.


UNFPA Mongolia CO’s estimated funds required for COVID-19 response for 2020 is US $2,000,000. To date, the Country Office has successfully mobilized a total of US $2,015,777.48 from core and non-core resources for COVID-19 response. Funds from non-core resources include funding from the Luxembourg Cooperation (US $392,547.47), Rio Tinto LLC (US $602,000), the Government of Japan (as part of the agreement between UNFPA and UNICEF: US $80,000), UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund (US $100,000), the Swiss Development Cooperation (US $100,000), UNFPA Regular Resources (US $60,000). Reprogrammed funding for COVID-19 responses from Regular Resources (US $92,231.29), from private sector (US $79,465), from Gobi Oyu Development Support Fund (US $10,000) and from the Swiss Development Cooperation (US $499,533.75).