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Today, Mongolian president Ts.Elbegdorj met with Mr.D.Terbishdagva, Deputy prime minister, Mr.Kh.Battulga, Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Ts.Tuvaan, deputy minister of Agriculture, Mr.T.Dulamdorj, Head of NEMA on winterization and zud issues.

As Mr.D.Terbish introduced 91 soums in 18 provinces are in zud state. Especially, condition is the worst in Uvurkhangai, Khuvsgul, Zavkhan, Arkhangai and Bayankhongor province. More than 90% Mongolian territory has snow coverage. They also explained soum, provinces where have more than 20 centimetres of snow have been considered in difficult condition.

Forecast shows that coming February will be cold and with more snowing, but will be warmer since middle of month. Winter 2011-2012 was relatively mild and some reserve hay is left. There is a resolution 5,6 thousand tons of hay distribution from left hays to herders from state. Also state has given 50% of discount for 11 thousand tons of fodder.

Helicopters are used during emergency and disaster. It takes time to send helicopters from Ulaanbaatar, so to be hold helicopters in Khuvsgul, Dornod and Khovd provinces by discussing with Military

32700 head of livestock out of total numbers of 40,4 million livestock or 0,8% of livestock perished throughout the country, due to harsh winterization.

After heard their information Mr.Ts.Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia said” We know very well when livestock death occurs. They start perishing after 3 days no access to pasture so forth 7 days. Loss will be increased for livestock with no hay and fodder for today. Herders who have capacity have already moved to better place with their livestock. But vulnerable people who are not capable to move stayed home and face food shortage and health problems etc. Mongolians we have faced Zzud many times, therefore we would like to have contingency plan for Zud.

Now there is a season which is spring. Livestock will give birth. Weak animals die as new grass starts to grow apart from spring snow and strong wind. We all understand the situation.

After I heard all your information, I would like to appeal all citizens” Evolve campaign to help herders”. We evolve support campaign during Zud like that. All citizens! Let’s evolve the campaign from everyone, every entities to help herders!

Some people says “ there is no need to help herders who had already privatized their livestock. Herders are people who only look after their own property. Do they help people in city” etc. But we need to consider one thing. Household capacity is overcome by Zud. Even soum and province same. There is a time state even tense.

Therefore we have to help our herders in this condition. In addition, Mongolians need to give countenance to each other in this hard times.

We need to think that herders life is our basic image which has kept essence and spirit of our Mongolian life and labour.

We have seen two different lives and condition of house holds at the same valley. One has left with no animals, one has no single kid loss and prepared for winter very well. Therefore good examples should be promoted and shown.

Coping strategy which saves their livestock during Zud builds on for many years. There are many inexperienced herders from urban settings among present herders. Good experiences should be shown to them.

Address and phone number, bank account number of NEMA, MRCS and Ministry of Agriculture should be clear when people come there to help herders. In addition distribution items disappear in soum centers. Help must reach to the herders place. In other words help must reach the herders place with address and name. The best help is the cash. It is easy to purchase required things to herders.

Next issue is to erase the consequences of Zud. There will be work to landfill carcasses of perished animals and give animals to herders to revive their livelihoods. . House holds who lost their animals move to Ulaanbaatar. Therefore policy and plan to support those house holds need to be clear and ready. Mr.D.Terbishdagva, Deputy prime minister, Mr.Kh.Battulga, Minister of Agriculture and other people are leaving for countryside.

Make decision on spots and discuss, make decision by Government conference if there is issue impossible to make decision on spots. Provide the parliament with information, so everyone can have unified understanding. Today’s discussion is aimed to have unified understanding as well. It is clear to see condition has reached to level to support. He said “ One of the three soums are in bad condition”.