MRCS launches a domestic appeal to support herders during the harsh winter

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Appealing to citizens, businesses, government and non-government organizations for donations Nintey percent of Mongolian territory has been covered with snow and 91 soums in 18 provinces are in a dzud state with a high density of snow that is 20-60 centimeters thick or up to 60-130 centimeters in some places.

More than 96 soums in 17 provinces are in further danger of entering the dzud state, if the snow thickness and density is increased.

32 700 head of livestock out of a total number of 40.4 million livestock counted last year, or 0.8% of livestock, perished throughout the country, due to the harsh winterization.

The death toll of animals has been increased day by day and hour by hour, therefore herders are facing health deterioration and depression. The capacity of households, soums and provinces to cope is overcome by the dzud conditions. In this hard time we need to help the herders.

MRCS has conducted international and domestic appeals during previous dzuds. During the dzud of 2010 MRCS launched an international appeal which brought relief items totalling 1 billion MNT to herder households.

Our herders keep alive the nomadic tradition, culture, history and basic Mongolian image which is the essence and spirit of Mongolian life. Also herders protect our land, nature and the environment. We are appealing to citizens, government and non-government organizations, and businesses to help herders from the bottom of our hearts during these harsh winter conditions.

We believe everyone can help us to support herders.
Donations can be made at the Khaan Bank. Details are:
Mongolian Red Cross Society
Bank account number: 5031003996 Khaan bank
№ 205, MRCS Head quarter building, Peace street, Sukhbaatar district
Please contact us if you would like to know more.
Phone number: 326293, 99991223,99311909,99890696
Website: www.
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