Mongolia: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation Report No. 3

Situation Report
Originally published


Reporting period: 6 June – 8 July 2020


• With support from UNICEF Mongolia and UNICEF India, 178 Mongolian child monks were repatriated from the Gomang Buddhist Monastery in a Tibetan refugee settlement in Karnataka State, India. Over 70 per cent of the children are from nomadic herder families and could not afford the cost of flights and the quarantine stay.
• UNICEF and UNFPA launched the ‘Love Doesn’t Hurt’ campaign to raise awareness of gender-based violence/domestic violence reaching 2,003,984 people.
• 4,266 health workers were trained with support from UNICEF enabling them to deliver essential nutrition services to children and mothers during COVID-19.

Situation overview and humanitarian needs

The Government of Mongolia (GoM) has extended the period of high alert preparedness until 15 July 2020 and international borders remain closed. The State Emergency Commission has issued an order to gradually open cultural and religious facilities, recreational centres and bars (except dance nightclubs, computer game centres, sports and public gatherings). Libraries and museums in the capital city resumed operations on 22 June. Sterilization and disinfection works continue to be organized well. On 1 July, health inspections at transport checkpoints in cities and towns were discontinued. This 24-hour health inspection operated from 7 February until 30 June, with over 4,000 health workers mobilized for the inspections. Meanwhile, the GoM is expanding its ‘Shock-Responsive Social Protection Project’ with food support and cash transfers on a temporary basis. The 2020 Parliamentary election was held on 24 June 2020 and the general tertiary education entrance exam for high school graduates commenced on 2 July 2020. University and college enrollment will be held on 7–8 July.

In accordance with the GoM decree on the repatriation of Mongolian child monks, 178 children were successfully repatriated from India on 15 June 2020. GoM requested UNICEF to provide technical and financial support for: 1) transportation of the children from the monastery to Goa International airport; and 2) quarantine measures once the children were back in Mongolia. To date, all of the repatriated children have tested negative for COVID -19.