Mongolia MAAMN001 Annual Report 2010

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This report covers the period 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2010.

In brief

Programme summary:

The year 2010 for the Mongolian Red Cross Society (MRCS) has been full of different challenges, opportunities and changes both in programmatic areas and organizational life.

As one of the leading humanitarian agencies in Mongolia, MRCS fulfilled its auxiliary role to the government when thousands of herding families in the countryside were severely affected by a severely cold winter in 2009 and 2010. With support from the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, the national society provided life-saving relief and livelihood support to those families who had lost everything due to the disaster.

Along with emergency response operations, the national society continued its regular programmes in the areas of health promotion, HIV/AIDs awareness-raising, and social care services for the most vulnerable as well as community-based disaster preparedness.

In 2010, MRCS has undertaken many changes in its organizational life which have materialized through the revision of its statutes, the adoption of the new Strategy 2015, and the prioritization of policy to work in closer cooperation and seek opportunities to be considered and recognized as an implementing entity of governmental humanitarian policy which is believed to facilitate a process of gaining financial independence and operational sustainability.

Financial situation: The total 2010 budget is CHF 1,109,053,of which CHF 721,605 (65 per cent) is covered by the end of the year. Overall expenditure in 2010 was CHF 605,264 (55 per cent) of the budget.