Mongolia: Commission approves emergency food aid worth euro 800,000

The European Commission has cleared humanitarian aid worth euro 800,000 for people affected by drought and a hard winter in Mongolia. The aid, channelled through ECHO, the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office, will enable non-governmental organisations to provide emergency food aid for those affected over the next six months. ECHO's partners for this operation are Mission =D8st (Denmark) and Save the Children (UK). They will help with food aid for some 60,000 people in north-west Mongolia, and on preventing malnutrition in central Mongolia. Both projects will be closely coordinated with other humanitarian agencies (Red Cross, UN, NGOs), as well as the Mongolian Government. Already this year, in April 2000, ECHO made available euro 500,000 to the International Federation of Red Cross Societies (IFRC), working with the Mongolian Red Cross.