Mongolia: Appeal No. MAAMN001 - Annual Report 2008

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This report covers the period of 01 January 2008 to 31 December 2008.

In brief

Programme summary: The Mongolian Red Cross Society (MRCS) has been scaling up efforts in its eight core programmes while expanding its network of both international and local partners, extending the national society's humanitarian network across Mongolia. A high level of integration between the core programmes, such as First Aid training for youth and disaster preparedness programme beneficiaries, HIV peer educator trainings and social care service for people affected by natural disasters largely contributed to branch capacity building, and increased effectiveness and efficiency of the programmes.

Key achievements over the last year have included an HIV Operational Alliance for the next three years launched on 11 April, bringing together many partner organizations to scale up planned HIV/AIDS activities. Due to growing coverage of the activities, the headquarters HIV team recruited a person living with HIV (PLHIV) as a part-time officer.

The disaster preparedness programme has been focused on logistics capacity building of the regional disaster preparedness centres while developing partnership with key groups, such as herders and local authorities, and the National Emergency Management Agency departments through regular trainings and herders' consultation. In 2008, 3,214 tonnes of hay were prepared in 17 provinces within the "Hay project" and distributed to 1,875 vulnerable herding families free of charge. The remaining 40 per cent of prepared hay was sold at a reduced rate to the public for income generation.

Over this reporting period, a high priority was given to income generating activities, which resulted in the establishment of animal husbandry in five mid-level branches and continuous expansion of other activities also creating income. Also, the MRCS fundraising and income generation handbook was published and distributed to all branches to educate the heads of branches on running small- and medium-size businesses, and accordingly to enable them to invent new ideas and approaches to their activities.

Financial situation: The total 2008 budget is CHF 1,241,221 (USD 1.11 million or EUR 829,810), of which 55 per cent is covered. Expenditure overall was 91 per cent. Click here to go directly to the attached financial report.

No. of people we help: Estimated number of MRCS beneficiaries throughout Mongolia in 2008 was total about 500,000 which is approximately 20 per cent of the population. This includes direct beneficiaries, both of the International Federation and bilaterally funded activities such as trainings and targeted activities, as well as the indirect beneficiaries receiving information and/or participating in activities, through the media, newspapers, public campaigns.

Our partners: the MRCS is working with over 40 international and local partners including: Australian Red Cross, British Red Cross, Chinese Red Cross, German Red Cross, Japanese Red Cross, Finnish Red Cross, New Zealand Red Cross, Netherlands Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross, Republic of Korea Red Cross, Department for International Development (DFID), the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nation's Children's fund (UNICEF), the United Nation's Population Fund (UNFPA), Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Social Welfare and Labour, Ulaanbaatar City Governor, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), National Centre for Communicable Disease (DCCD), National Blood Centre, Blood Donor Agency, National Centre for Diseases with Natural Foci, Traffic Authority, Border/Customs control, the National AIDS Committee, the National AIDS Foundation, the National Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centre, water supply and sewerage agency, University of Agriculture, National Journalists Association/Journalists Union, Mongolian National Radio and Television Broadcasting Agency, Mongolian Educational Channel, National Youth Association, National Students Union, Youth for Health NGO, Deseret International Charities, local health departments, traffic police, prison authorities.

The International Federation, on behalf of Mongolian Red Cross Society, would like to thank the above mentioned partners for their generous and continuous support.