International response: Summary of donations 24 Mar 2000

January - Tg 512,500 to purchase 20 tonnes bran for goats in ACDI/VOCA projects in Bayankhongor (Shinejist and Boombger soums), and USD 100.00 to purchase rice and flour to assist of the Bayankhongor Governor's relief efforts in Gurvanbulag and Zag soums.

April - plan to donate approximately $ 1,600.00 for a further 20 tonnes of bran to goats in projects in Bayankhongor (Shinejist and Boombger soums).


Early March - fielded a joint assessment mission with World Mission Mongolia to Uvs Aimag (see "ADRA Mongolia Disaster update 15/3/2000" and "Disaster, Distress and Determination") (put on news page)

Late March - An ADRA team, including a medical doctor, will return to Uvs to distribute goods worth about USD 90,000.00 to 5,000 households including flour, rice, tea, oil, benzine, and coal if available. As many goods as possible will be purchased locally or from Russia. Clothes, medicines and other items not locally available will be sent from Ulaanbaatar.

ASE Co. Ltd, USA

Tg 1,000,000 donated to the state Emergency Commission.

Asian Development Bank

Presently considering assistance, holding discussions with the Mongolian Government on needs.

The Asia Foundation

Planning assistance in future to meet needs of people.

British Government

February - Donated USD 30,000 to the United Nations in Mongolia through Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) for emergency funding (see OCHA - Emergency Relief Cost Plan).

March - Donated USD 50,000 to International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Canada Fund

February - Approximately USD 10,000 goods in kind donated to Dundgobi aimag (Erdendalai soum) - for 61.2 tonnes of hay, 20 tonnes fodder, 5 tonnes flour, and including USD 1,500.00 medicine.

Disaster Emergency Relief Fund

USD 60,976 donated to the Mongolian Red Cross Society.

German Government

Will donate USD 13,000 in assistance, earliest in April 2000, probably through one of the German projects in Zavkhan.

Gobi Regional Economic Growth Initiative

March - USD 10,000 of warm clothing from Nike donated to the Mongolian Red Cross.

Further assistance planned for the Dundgobi and Umnigobi regions.

Harrods Group (UK), Chairman Mr Al Faed

USD 15,000 for emergency relief in Bayanhongor, Dornogobi and Omnogobi.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Mongolian Red Cross Society

February/end March - CHF 80,000 in goods, totalling 110 tonnes flour, 27.5 tonnes rice, 27.5 tonnes millet, 600 pairs boots. 5,200 families (30,000 people) in Dundgobi, Uvurkhangai, Bayahkhongor, Zavkhan and Uvs will receive 50 kilo flour and 25 kg rice or millet by the end of March

February/Mid March - Warm clothes USD 17,340 food, candles and matches to the value of USD 17,340 were distributed to 1,300 households in 4 aimags. 600 pairs of warm boots will be distributed in Dundgobi, Uvurkhangai and Zavkhan aimags.

In March, a senior Federation relief delegate worked closely with the Mongolian Red Cross Society to draw up an action plan for the coming months of the emergency, and a logistics expert arrived to assist with the implementation of the planned projects. Details of further distributions will become available later.

Israeli Government

March - USD 5,000 donated for 1,071 bales of husk and 8.2 tonnes of flour through the State Emergency Commission.

Itochu Corporation, Japan

Approximately USD 900.00 donated to the SEC.

Japanese Government

February - USD 45,800 - food and goods (USD 16,300 for 47 tonne food, candles, matches; USD 18,500 for 190 tonne animal food; USD 11,000 transportation to herders from 15 soums of Dundgobi aimag who are wintering in in Tuv (5 soums), Dornogobi (4 soums), Uvurkhangai (3 soums), Gobi-Sumber (3 soums) and Khentii (1 soum). - "Grassroots" grant aid. Implemented through the Ulaanbaatar Council of Dundgobi aimag.

March - USD 45,479 for fodder, medicines and fuel for Uvurkhangai, Zavkhan, Uvs aimags. Project implementation through Peace Wings Mongolia and Kyokshuzan Development Foundation (see Peace Wings listing).

JCS International

February - US$5,500 in the form of winter clothes was delivered to 5 aimags through the State Emergency Commission, National Defence Authority.

March to May - Acting as one of the implementing parties of the OCHA Emergency Relief Fund in Uvurkhangai, particularly in monitoring, reporting and providing veterinarian technical assistance.


Interested in providing aid in the medium and long term to assist the herder population from drifitng towards Ulaanbaatar. They presently have a special envoy from Japan in Ulaanbaatar, Mr Shikama Yoshifusa, to draft JICA's strategy. Green house agriculture and infrastructure developments (roads, telecommunications) are being considered. JICA has already hired local consultants to survey the water supply and pastureland situation in South Gobi aimag, and plans to extend this survey to Dornogobi and Dundgobi aimags next month.

Norwegian Government

March - approx. USD 55,000 donated to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies through the Norwegian Red Cross Society.


March - USD 90,000 (including USD 30,000 each from the Governments of Norway and United Kingdom) for hay, husk and veterinary goods for 300 herder's households; and flour, rice, sugar and millet for 600 households in Uvurkhangai (Sant, Ultzii and Bayan-Undur) see OCHA cost Plan

Peace Winds Japan

18 - 29 February - USD 2,000 in form of goods plus 50 tonnes of coal were delivered to 500 households of each 3 soums (Jargalant, Gurvanbulag, Zag in Bayanhongor aimag). Funded and implemented by Peace Wings Japan.

8 - 17 March - goods worth USD 25,000 (diesel, yellow rice, dried milk, veterinarian and human Medicine) were delivered to 6,500 households (27,662 people) in 9 soums in Zavkhan aimag (Tosontsengel, Ider, Asgat, Bayan-tes, Bayan-Hairkhan, Tudevtei, Numrug, Ikh-Uul, Telmen). Funded by Japanese Government through "Grassroots" grant aid via Japanese Government in Mongolai.. Implemented by Peace Wings Japan and Kyokshuzan Development Fund (National NGO).

29 March - 6 April - planning to deliver assistance of USD 10,000 to 12,000 households (49,168 people) in 5 soums in Uvurkhangai aimag (Hairkhan-Dulaan, Yuson-Zuil, Bayangol, Tugrug, Guchin-Us). Goods funded by Japanese Government, administration costs covered by Peace Wings Japan.

29 March - 6 April - planning to deliver assistance of USD 10,000 to 8,000 households (32,190 people) in 5 soumd in Uvs aimag (Naran-Bulag, Malchin, Zuun-Govi, Haigas, Tsagan-Hairkhan). Goods funded by Japanese Government, administration costs covered by Peace Wings Japan.

Further relief efforts which will be funded by Peace Wings Japan are being planned.

Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar

March - launched an international appeal for emergency funding.

Royal Danish Embassy

March - has donated USD 30,000 through OCHA for ongoing relief efforts. Relief project proposal is presently being drafted and will be available for publication soon.

Russian Federation

Donations of approximately Tg 2 million have been made through the Russian Embassy, and details will be available later this week.

Russian Mongolian Joint Ventures

Donations of approximately USD 82,600.00 to the SEC.

Samsung Corporation

USD 500.00 donated to the SEC.

Save the Children's Fund (UK)

March - field trip to Bayanhongor Aimag with two project officers who will distribute mainly educational goods to the value of USD 40,000.

25 March - a nutrition specialist will arrive in Mongolia to assess the situation. Mid- and long-term plans are being considered.

South Korean Government

March - USD 20,000 donated through the State Emergency Commission.


Has applied for assistance and provide details in due course.

Turkish Embassy in Mongolia

USD 190.00 donated to the SEC.

United Nations

February - WHO donated USD 5,000 to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare for medicines.

March - USD 30,000 donated to assist the relief efforts. formed the UN Disaster Management Team to coordinate the relief efforts of various organisations in Mongolia.

March - UN DMT is implementing the OCHA Emergency Relief Fund Cost Plan (see OCHA).

March - An expert from the FAO is currently assessing the situation in relation to the livestock.

March - WFP mission will arrive in Mongolia in late March to assess food security situation.

March - UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF and WHO are currently drafting an inter-agency appeal to OCHA seeking international funding. The Appeal Document will be published in late March.

March - Staff of the UNDP donated Tg 500,000 to the SEC for emergency relief.

April - UN DMT will implement the OCHA relief project with Funds donated by the Danish Government.

United States Government

October 1999 - donated Tg 126,000,000 to purchase hay, fodder, fuel and other supplies to the Mongolian Ministry of Agriculture for relief assistance in Bayanhongor and Dundgobi aimags.

January - Tg 10,2 million was donated to the Mongolian Red Cross for humanitarian assistance to herders in Dundgobi, Bayanhongor, and Zavkhan aimags.

March - USD 25,000 donated to the Mongolian Red Cross Society for assistance in 13 zud-stricken aimags.

March - 25,000 tonne of wheat.

World Bank

The World Bank has agreed to the Mongolian Government's request to reallocate the remaining proceeds of the Poverty Alleviation for Vulnerable Groups Project for dzud disaster relief and approved the necessary amendments to the corresponding Development Credit Agreement. Funds in an amount equivalent to USD 1.33 million will be available to finance restocking of househerds decimated by the dzud disaster. The Restocking Project will commence in April 2000.(see newspage for further details)

World Vision (FRG)

USD 15,000 donated for relief assistance in Bulgan aimag.

World Vision Mongolia

Imported two containers of relief items and has USD 40,000 for relief assistance.

March - Joint mission to Uvs aimag to assess the current situation.