GoodNeighbors International is carrying out the project to support the COVID-19 response of the vulnerable in Mongolia

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Mongolia currently has a low number of confirmed cases of COVID-19, but is under high risk of the COVID-19 infection and spread according to the Ministry of Health. When the pandemic started, the Mongolian government declared lockdown throughout the country and suspended inter-regional movements and closed schools, shops and all public services. Currently, local lockdown is lifted but the border is still closed. The Mongolian authorities have extended the state of emergency to December 31, 2020. It means that all passengers including the Mongolian nationals are not allowed to enter the country’s all auto road, railroad and air border.

According to the Mongolia National Police, the incident of domestic violence has been increased by 63% in contrast to the third quarter of last year and 92.7% of the victims are women and children because of longer hours staying at home and increased stress due to financial difficulties. Thus, GoodNeighbors International has intervened to respond.

In cooperation with KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) and Green Asia (NGO), GoodNeighbors International produced prevention videos of violence against children and women. Each video explains the rights of children in animation, corrects parents’ behaviors in child rights infringement situation, shows process of resolving domestic violence through counseling and encourages the viewers to adopt the method in their daily lives. The video transmission has started on October 26, 2020 and a total of four videos will be broadcasted 224 times nationwide through 16 broadcasting stations by December 26, 2020. The broadcast is scheduled between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. when people watch the most. The videos were produced by professionals and Mongolian famous celebrities appeared on the videos to attract all ages.

In line with the videos, the local social workers have been visiting 3,500 families to accelerate family activities to enhance family bonding. Through a series of activities, it is expected to enhance psychological and emotional support, strengthen the ability of the vulnerable to maintain their livelihood and strengthen the COVID-19 response and resilience of the Mongolian community.

Total beneficiaries and participants of the project are 28,000 individuals including the most vulnerable families, especially women and children who receive laundry service, hygiene kits, hand washing facilities and food packages.

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