Disaster Management Reference Handbook (September 2018) - Mongolia

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Welcome - Note from the Director

This Mongolia Disaster Management Reference Handbook provides the reader a baseline of understanding of regional-specific factors, which influence disaster management. CFE-DM provides education, training and research about disaster management and humanitarian assistance, particularly in international settings that require coordination between the DOD and civilian agencies.

The United States (U.S.) Department of Defense (DOD) has a history of military-to-military engagement with Mongolia. Gobi Wolf is a reoccurring disaster response exercise and exchange mission in Mongolia. It is part of the Pacific Resilience Disaster Response Exercise and Exchange program, which focuses on interagency coordination and foreign humanitarian assistance. Gobi Wolf is designed to test disaster response processes while maximizing realism through a series of scenarios. CFE-DM provided one subject matter expert to the Exercise Gobi Wolf 2017, Disaster Response Experts Exchange (DREE), in support of USARPAC and I Corps, in Mongolia. CFE-DM presented best practices in international disaster response and civil military coordination and assisted in facilitation of exercise groups and supported the Exercise Control Group. One main goal of the exercise was to increase Mongolia’s National Emergency Management Agency’s (NEMA) capacity to respond to an earthquake using local, national, and international standard operating procedures. The U.S. DOD and Mongolia also participate in Khaan Quest, Pacific Angel, Medical Subject Matter Exchanges, as well as other engagements. In 2015, a Mongolia Disaster Management Country Assessment was completed by CFE-DM with the purpose of defining, determining, and focusing operations, actions, and activities within the U.S. Government’s engagement strategy with the Government of Mongolia (GoM) in order to improve identified gaps in their disaster management capabilities and capacity.