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Ukraine Situation: WFP Moldova Factsheet - March 2022


Moldova at a glance

As of mid-March, Moldova has received 336,377 refugees coming from Ukraine, representing one of the highest influx of refugees per capita, compared to the other neighboring countries. Current figures show while many move onwards, around one third stay in the country. Most require immediate assistance having arrived in country with limited resources.

Representing close to four percent of Moldova population, the new inflow of refugees is stretching local resources and having significant budgetary implications. Moldova is import dependent on key commodities and struggling with the high energy prices and disruption of imports through Ukraine and the Black Sea.

Moldova has the lowest GDP/capita in Europe i.e. USD 4.5 (World Bank, 2021). GDP growth is expected to be negative (-7% according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MOFA) and its inflation rate expected to exceed 20% in 2022.

While some refugees are staying in Governmentmanaged reception centers, over 90% are residing with host communities, many of them struggling to provide support on a long-term basis.

The Government of Moldova and humanitarian community is contingency planning should there be a significant escalation of conflict in the South of Ukraine. More than one million people could flee from the greater Odessa region and its neighboring Oblasts.

Consequently, WFP humanitarian response may need to be linked to a resilience enabler and partner for the Government of Moldova.

In this line, WFP has already ensured coverage of 100% of needs in the Moldovan refugee accomodation centers via contracts with caterers, cooperating partners or coordination with other food security actors via the Food Security Working Group.