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Multi-Sector Needs Assessment Moldova - Key preliminary findings, 23 June 2022


Methodology and sampling

Population of interest

All Ukrainians in Moldova displaced due to war living in the Refugee Accommodation Centres (RACs) or in the host community. Due to operational challenges in data collection, the Transnistrian region was not included in the sampling frame.


Probability stratified random sampling at RAC level and nonrandom purposive sampling at Ukrainians displaced due to war and residing in the host community in Moldova (non-RAC). Due to the limited availability of primary data regarding the number and the location of Ukrainians in Moldova living in the host community, findings for refugees living in the host community should be considered as indicative only. Moreover, the sampling frame excluded settlements with less than 50 refugees and RACs reporting less than 20 inhabitants. This is to account for the potential operational challenges in identifying respondents in these communities. Further details about the total number of refugees living in Moldova is available on the UNHCR Data Portal.

Data collection method

Face-to-face interviews with head-of-family or another person knowledgeable about the socio-economic situation. The questionnaire included both questions about the situation of the family as well as individual members.
Findings for Ukrainians living in RACs are statistically significant at 95% level of confidence and 10% margin of error. Findings for Ukrainian living in the host community (non-RAC) are indicative only.