Moldova: Floods Minor Emergency Appeal No. 05ME053

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In Brief



The Situation

As a result of heavy rains and storms, which hit Moldova on 18-19 August 2005 throughout the country, 2 municipalities (Chisinau and Balti) and 15 districts in the north and central parts of Moldova - with a population of over one million people - have been affected.

More then 170 settlements (which constitute 23% of the total number of settlements in the affected 15 districts) are located in the disaster-stricken area. The Moldova Red Cross reports that the total number of the affected people is over 6,500. A total of 102 families in Chisinau and about 300 families in 38 villages were evacuated by the government. The districts of Edinet, Criuleni, Briceni, Nisporeni, Riscani and the capital of Chisinau were hit the most. Preliminary estimate of damages and losses due to the disaster is approximately 95,605,000 Moldovan Lei (EUR 6,310,560.00).

Some rivers like Prut and Chevcar, and some water reservoirs like Chevcar and several small lakes located near the villages, have overspilled (level of water increased critical line by more than 2-4 metres in some places).

The flooding caused severe damage and completely ruined public and private buildings (over 840 in the most affected 38 villages), destroyed and damaged electricity and telecommunication lines (over 200 settlements had up to one-week disruptions in electricity supply), activated landslides, and damaged 3 dams, 15 bridges and made 86,5 kilometres of roads unusable. Only in four most affected districts, the flooding ruined 11,991 hectares of farmlands. Furthermore, the flood waters have over-run about 1000 private wells, compelling people to use the dirtied water for drinking, bathing and cooking purpose.

With rainfalls slowly decreasing and water levels receding, the situation has stabilised but remains serious. According to the primeminister of Moldova, the country might lose about 70% of the harvest.

Local authority and state initiatives

Local authorities put their main efforts into the reinforcement of dams and reconstruction of infrastructure. Rescue teams and local authorities are now busy trying to clear up the mess and assess the damage. Some 1000 military are engaged in relief and cleanup work, also helping to repair and build private houses.

According to the officials of Chisinau, the municipal authorities do their best to assure the homeless people with food and shelter. All homeless disaster victims are so far temporarily accommodated in public buildings and are being provided with water and hot meals. The Chisinau government has already started to build 24 new houses for the people affected by floods in the capital, which are expected to be built and granted to the affected families by 10 October.

The government also issued a decree releasing 145,000 Moldovan Lei (around EUR 9,900) for the reinforcement of dams and reconstruction of infrastructure, as well as begun supplying building materials from its Reserve Fund to the three most affected districts.

The government is committed to pay to each member of the families that have lost their homes a 5,000 lei (USD 400) compensation, and each person whose home was damaged but can be repaired a compensation of 3,000 - 1,000 - 500 Lei (USD 240 - 80 - 40) depending on the damage gravity.

The Government has approached the Moldova Red Cross with the request to mobilise support for rural affected communities. The Department for Emergencies of Internal Affairs Ministry is continuing to provide the necessary information to the Moldova Red Cross.

For further information specifically related to this operation please contact:

National Society: Moldova Red Cross, Larisa Byrka, President, email:, phone: +373 22 72 96 44; Vasile Chernenky, Disaster Management Coordinator, email:,, phone: +373 22 72 58 24

Delegation for Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine: Warwick Inder, Head of Delegation; Phone: +375 17 227 6361; email:; Valentina Sosnovaya, Disaster Management Officer, email:,, phone: +375 17 227 7237

Federation Secretariat: Miro Modrusan, Regional Desk Officer; Phone 41 22 730 43 24;Fax 41 22 733 03 95;

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