COVID-19 Response and Recovery Monthly Bulletin (April 2021)

Situation Report
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1 COVID-19 Epi and Health situation update

The total number of COVID-19 cases in the country has continued to increase and reached 250,837 at the end of April. The number increased further in the first three days of May and now stands at 251,378.

The number of active cases has decreased steadily over the past month and stood at 5,111 on April 30. It has continued to decrease over the first three days of May and is currently 4,312.

The number of new cases has decreased substantially and reached a 7-day average of 331 at the end of April compared to 1,377 at the beginning of the month.

The 7-day average for the number of deaths has decreased substantially in April and by the end of the month it stood at 17.3. It further decreased to 14.4 by May 3. The total number of deaths was 5,812 at the end of April.

The average number of very serious cases decreased in April, reaching 212 in Apr 26-May 2. The total number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 at the end of the month was 1835, out of which 206 were in very serious condition.

Overall, fifty-nine percent of all cases have been recorded among women and 41% among men.
Moreover, women (51%) account for a slightly higher proportion of all deaths than men (49%).