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A Brief Analysis on the Gendered Impacts of the Crisis in Ukraine: a Focus on Moldova



As of 13 May, 6.1 million refugees have already fled Ukraine, and the number of internally displaced people (IDPs) has reached 7.7 million. Of those who have fled the country, it is estimated that 90 per cent are women and children, while most men aged 18–60 are required to stay behind under martial law. Based on current data from the International Organization for Migration, 60 per cent of the adult internally displaced population are female, while 40 per cent are male.On 24 February the Government of the Republic of Moldova declared a state of emergency, following the outbreak of hostilities in neighboring Ukraine. Authorities established a special regime of entry and exit from the country, special measures for the protection of refugees, the protection of the population and of the country’s institutions. The Government has declared its readiness to receive refugees from Ukraine and is cooperating with the UN, as well as local and international organizations to respond to the unfolding crisis. As of 22 April, Moldovan authorities have reported 430,226 arrivals from Ukraine, of whom 393,192 are Ukrainian refugees and 37,034 third-country nationals (TCNs).