Visual Situation Report - 2 April 2015 22:30 Pohnpei time, GMT+11

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IOM chartered a Pacific Mission Aviation flight the morning of 2 April for an assessment of Falalop, Ulithi which included IOM’s head of Yap office and representatives from the DCO Office and Yap State Agriculture and Marine Resources Office.

Key findings are:

  • Limited potable water resources due to damages to rainwater harvesting tanks - There is a lightly salinized well that residents will use for washing and cleaning, while rationing their limited rainwater resources

  • The island is largely dependent upon regular food deliveries from Yap proper, and is now without power – any preserved breadfruit or refrigerated items are now being consumed

  • Estimated 95% of crop damage - Structural damage is significant; many are without adequate shelter – some are using the largely-undamaged health center as a shelter, school library reported to be crowded

  • Some children are being treated for diarrhea presumably attributable to consumption of contaminated water

  • Donations of rice and ramen from the local community and church organizations were delivered on the two PMA flights Local chiefs estimate the current population of Falalop to be 260, including students from outer islands currently in school session.

The Hapilmogol returned to port in Yap proper on the evening of 1 April. IOM Yap staff will coordinate with the DCO and state officials to deploy US Government prepositioned relief items in Yap proper to help with immediate needs, including large-capacity water bladders, tap stands, water containers, and plastic sheeting and rope.

Late-breaking positive news regarding donations and deliveries from Amos Collins at Pacific Mission Aviation is pasted at the end of this report. IOM will support continued assessments to neighboring islands. Sincere thanks to Amos and PMA for their logistical facilitation and service provision of relief needs.