Typhoon Maysak Situation Report No. 1


I. Highlights

  • Typhoon Maysak made landfall on the Chuuk islands on Sunday 29th March which had caused extensive damages prompting the Governor Johnson Elimo to declare a state of emergency.

  • President Manny Mori consequently declare a state of emergency for Chuuk and avail initial $100,000 to support mobilization of assessment and initial relief efforts.

  • Typhoon Maysak made landfall on Yap islands, on Tuesday 31st March and Wednesday 1st April causing substantial damages prompting Governor Tony Ganngiyan to declare a state of emergency.

  • President Many Mori issue an amendment to the declaration of State of Emergency and now to include Yap

  • FSM Emergency Task Force led by Director OEEM is coordinating the response efforts and had met US Embassy to access the

  • Patrol boat FSM03 departed for the Chuuk islands the night of 30th April to assess damages, and team comprises of OEEM, Resource & Development and Health

  • Chuuk State is conducting assessment with support from the Chuuk based IOM team

  • Yap State has deployed an assessment team to Ulithi and Fais with support from Yap based IOM team