Micronesia: Typhoon Sudal leaves Yap in state of emergency

from Government of the Federated States of Micronesia
Published on 12 Apr 2004
Palikir, POHNPEI (FSM Information Services): April 12, 2004 - A State of Emergency has been declared for Yap in the wake of typhoon Sudal's destruction to the State during the Easter weekend.
The Declarations issued by both the Governments of the State of Yap and the Federated States of Micronesia on April 9, states that effects of the typhoon have "cost extensive damages to public and private properties, food crops and private homes... and damages to the coastline areas."

The Government of the United States have also echoed the declaration and through it's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), ordered federal disaster aid for the FSM to supplement response efforts underway for the state of Yap.

Typhoon Sudal hit Yap proper on Friday morning packing 132 mph winds, whipping wave heights of more than 35 feet. With the eye 33-miles off shore, typhoon Sudal battered the State for more than five hours.

The Preliminary Assessment Report of typhoon Sudal identify the following as immediate priorities for the state of Yap:

  • Restore water supply of YSPSC, Southern water system and Tomil Gagil water system.
  • Distribute water to designated shelters and identify potable water source.
  • Assess, Ngulu, Ulithi, Fais and Rumung (water supply and crops)
  • Repair sewage leakage with Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Clear debris from roads
  • Repair designated shelters.
The report contained the following assessment of the damages to Yap proper:

1. Water supply: Over 80% of people are without clean drinking water and although water is made available at the water treatment plant, it requires extensive boiling.

2. Damage of Public utilities and properties: Over 90% of public utilities and public property were damaged leaving 80% of the villages without water and power.

3. Damage to private properties: Over 90% of private homes were either damaged or destroyed with an estimate of over 900 people in shelters.

4. Damages to coastal areas: Tidal surge caused devastation to almost all coastal areas

  • 90% of homes in low lying coastal areas were either damaged or destroyed;
  • seawalls in all coastal areas are either damaged or severely eroded.
5. Crop damages: 90% plus of lowland and upland crops were completely destroyed.

6. Health: The State Hospital sustained structural damages, severing pipelines and refrigeration system:

  • Dehydration has become a critical issue with the rapidly decreasing drinkable water;
  • Current health issues include common sickness and gastrointestinal problems;
  • No deaths from typhoon Sudal have been reported.
The Declaration issued by the Government of the FSM stated that a joint "assessment of the islands of the Stat of Yap will be activated immediately" with representatives from FSM and Yap governments along with FEMA representative to "assist in disaster relief assessments and assistance."

On April 11, several of the "joint" assessment team left Pohnpei on the FSS Independence to join the efforts underway in the state of Yap.

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