Micronesia: Typhoon Sudal - Information Bulletin n° 1

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In Brief

This document is being issued based on the needs described below reflecting the information available at this time. Based on further updates and details from assessment reports, or should the situation deteriorate, the Federation will consider international support through an Appeal.

The Situation

The island group of Yap in the Federated States of Micronesia was hit hard by Typhoon Sudal last Friday, as devastating winds of over 200km/h caused widespread destruction. Initial reports indicate that many houses around the area of Kolonia have been completely destroyed, while others are badly damaged. So far there has been one reported fatality. The typhoon damaged the roof of the main hospital, while the airport and government buildings were also affected. Water and electricity supplies and telecommunications have been disrupted across most of Yap. A full assessment of the impact is underway on the island of Yap proper, but the lack of communications is hampering this especially on nearby outer islands. A state of emergency has been declared. Most urgent needs are reported to include water and shelter, as well as food for over 6000 people.

By Saturday, the airport runway had been cleared of debris, and a US Coast Guard C-130 plane was able to deliver some relief supplies including tarpaulins. The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sent three officials to assist in assessment and coordination of relief efforts.

Red Cross and Red Crescent action

The Micronesia Red Cross has a small chapter on Yap, and basic relief items were pre-positioned here as part of the regional disaster preparedness programme. They include items such as blankets, sheets, clothing and water containers for up to 100 families. Due to the breakdown of telecommunications systems in Yap, staff at the Pohnpei headquarters have as yet been unable to contact the local Red Cross chapter directly, but a message has been channelled through to authorise the use of all existing supplies. Volunteers from the Yap chapter have recently attended a disaster management and planning workshop.

In consultation with the Federation's regional delegation, the nearby American Red Cross chapter of the Northern Marianas Islands has made an experienced disaster manager available for immediate deployment. He will arrive early on Monday to assist with more detailed assessments in order to determine priority needs.

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