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Micronesia - Typhoon Maysak Fact Sheet #1, Fiscal Year (FY) 2015

Situation Report
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  • Typhoon Maysak recently brought damaging winds and heavy rains to the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).

  • Two USAID/OFDA1 staff are in FSM to assess storm damage and coordinate U.S. Government (USG) response efforts.

  • Additional USG staff are expected to arrive in FSM in the coming days to commence further assessments and help determine appropriate response options.

  • The USG is providing more than $100,000 in initial humanitarian assistance to FSM.


  • Typhoon Maysak, which had initially developed into a tropical storm west of Pohnpei Island on March 27, rapidly intensified as it tracked westward across FSM. Between March 29 and April 1, Typhoon Maysak traversed FSM’s Chuuk and Yap states, bringing destructive winds to several islands and reaching Yap’s Ulithi Atoll and Fais Island as a super typhoon with sustained winds exceeding 160 miles per hour. Preliminary assessments indicate significant damage to crops and fruit trees, as well as houses, rainwater catchment systems, and other infrastructure, in affected areas.

  • On March 30, Chuuk Governor Johnson Elimo declared a state of emergency, while Yap Governor Tony Ganngiyan announced a state of emergency on April 1. As a result, FSM President Emanuel Mori issued a presidential emergency declaration for both locations.

  • On April 2, U.S. Ambassador to FSM Dorothea-Maria Rosen declared a disaster due to the effects of Super Typhoon Maysak. In response, USAID/OFDA is providing an initial $100,000 to the International Organization for Migration (IOM)—USAID’s primary relief and reconstruction partner in FSM—for emergency relief items and basic water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) assistance to FSM’s storm-affected households. USAID/OFDA has also authorized deployment of its humanitarian supplies held in IOM warehouses in both FSM and neighboring Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) to affected areas.

  • A USAID/OFDA staff member traveled to Chuuk on March 31 to assess the effects of Typhoon Maysak and help coordinate the USG response in collaboration with USG interagency and humanitarian actors on the ground. A USAID/OFDA regional advisor arrived on April 4 to conduct similar activities in Yap.

  • FSM President Mori has requested that the USG conduct a preliminary damage assessment (PDA) in Chuuk and Yap. Members of a USG interagency team are scheduled to arrive in FSM in the coming days to initiate the PDA and supplement ongoing GoFSM and USG assessment and response efforts.