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China Provides the Micronesian Government with US$500,000 Emergency Humanitarian Assistance in Cash

In March 29-April 1, Chuuk and Yap in Micronesia suffered from intense tropical storm, resulting in large-scale disruption of water and electricity supply, traffic and communication, causing a certain number of casualties and severe damage of local infrastructure. The relief work is serious.

According to the request of Micronesia and in order to express the comfort and support of the Chinese government and the Chinese people for the Micronesian government and its people, Chinese government decides to provide the Micronesian government with US$500,000 emergency humanitarian assistance in cash to help Micronesia with relief work.

Chinese government will continue to provide help it can afford to support the people of Micronesia to rebuild their home according to the requirements of Micronesia and the changing situation of the disaster.