World Vision responds to disaster in Mexico

In response to the emergency resulting from the intense rain and flooding, World Vision Mexico will initiate an emergency project to support affected people in the States of Puebla and Hidalgo, two of the most affected states.
The Secretary of the State declared the states of Jalisco, Michoacán, Puebla, Tabasco, Oaxaca and Hidalgo to be disaster areas.

The impact of the disaster exceeds the response capacity of the states, governing bodies, and local authorities.

A team of six people will visit the area monitoring the situation and preparing to respond. The team is formed by Rodolfo Orozco, a doctor; Christy Caballero, social worker; Eleazar Martinez, facilitator; Pablo Jimenez, veterinarian; Veronica Moreno, social worker; co-ordinated by Eliel Galindo, lawyer.

Emergency needs are: food, blankets, medicines, water and transport

The goals in this initial stage are:

  • To provide blankets to 1775 people
  • To provide food for 600 families
  • To administer medicine and medical check-ups for 400 people.

The first phase of the project will be for ten days, beginning on October 12, 1999. At the end of this phase, an evaluation will be done in order to consider the possibility of continuing with a second phase.

Relations have been established with the Independent Pentecostal church in Puebla, and Viento Recio, a Christian group in Hidalgo.

The communities are found in a rural area and are primarily indigenous peoples. The population depends largely on agriculture for their own consumption and livestock on a smaller scale. A total of 600 families will benefit, 200 families in the state of Hidalgo and 400 families in the state of Puebla.

An initial investment of US$30,000 has been committed to this project.

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