Volcano blows ash and rock, more activity seen

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MEXICO CITY, May 10 (Reuters) - Mexico's giant Popocatepetl volcano hurled steam and rock about a mile (two km) into the air on Sunday, the latest in a series of eruptions that were expected to continue during the week, officials and volcanologists said.

The volcano sprayed a light blanket of ash over nearby towns at 1:22 p.m. (1822 GMT), followed by two tremors, the Interior Ministry reported in a statement. After 15 minutes of activity, "Popo" as the volcano is commonly called, relaxed with no major damage reported.

Official Popocatepetl monitor Roberto Quaas called the burst moderate, part of an expected surge in Popo's activity and similar to increasing emissions in the past two weeks.

"There has been a situation of exhalations in the past weeks of extra accumulated energy, which we expect to continue next week," he told Reuters.

The ministry said glowing rock fell around the crater and no damage was reported in towns surrounding the volcano, located some 33 miles (50 km) southeast of Mexico's capital.

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