UNHCR Presence in Mexico Newsletter - November, 2020

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80,000 kits with school supplies donated to families in Chiapas,
Tabasco, Oaxaca, Veracruz and Baja California

781 asylum-seekers released from migration detention under the Alternative to Detention program since the beginning of pandemic (2,863 in 2020)

14,169 individuals provided with emergency cash assistance covering basic needs for 3 months

45,785 attended by national Help Desk through calls and messages


The decline in the number of confirmed and suspected Covid-19 cases that began in August stopped by mid-September. Cases have once again started to increase. Chihuahua, where many asylum seekers and refugee live, became the first state to return to “red” in the Covid-19 traffic light system after registering a rebound in Covid-19 cases. The National Asylum Commission (COMAR) has continued registering new asylum applications in its offices, while the subsequent processing has been carried out both in person and remotely.

With 32,260 asylum claims at the end of end of October 2020, asylum applications in Mexico continued to rise, especially during the last two months. This brings numbers closer to the levels seen immediately prior to the onset of Covid-19.

UNHCR expects that approximately 44,000 asylum applications will be filed in 2020. The increase of asylum-seeking children indicates also that more families are on the move.