The Tropical Grace phenomenon is maintained

According to the National Hurricane Center of the United States -NHC, for its acronym in English-, Hurricane Grace is located over the Gulf of Mexico 300 kilometers east of Tuxpan, Mexico, while heading west at 17 kilometers per hour with maximum sustained winds of 150 kilometers per hour.

According to the NHC forecast, the tropical cyclone will move across the southwestern Gulf of Mexico overnight on Friday, August 20. Subsequently, it will make landfall on the coast of Mexico the same night.

It is worth mentioning that a strengthening in the hydrometeorological phenomenon is expected until Grace makes landfall, however, a weakening in the system is expected as it moves inland over the mountains of central Mexico.

Due to the indirect influence of the Tropical Grace Phenomenon, the entry of humidity and instability favor cloudy and rains with electrical activity, especially during the afternoon and night, over the national territory, reported the National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology - INSIVUMEH-.

INSIVUMEH added that for August 20 greater accumulated rains are expected over the regions of Boca Costa, Occidente, Franja Transversal de Norte, Central Altiplano and Valles de Oriente.

Taking into account the rains that are expected in the next few hours and in the coming days, the Executive Secretariat of the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction -SE-CONRED- recommends knowing the Local Response Plan of your community, reviewing your Family Plan Response and have your 72 Hour Backpack on hand.