Situation Report Hurricane Emily in Mexico, 19 Jul 2005

Situation Report
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Hurricane Emily passed over Mexico's Yucatan peninsula on July 18 as a category 4 hurricane with 135 mph winds, causing less damage than was initially anticipated. An unfortunate helicopter accident in the Gulf of Mexico prior the hurricane's arrival resulted in two deaths, but no additional deaths were reported once the storm struck. Most of those who were evacuated (nationals and tourists) have returned.

Mexico's Secretary of Health is participating in a damage assessment and visiting shelters in the Yucatan peninsula. According to government sources, some 50,000 people were evacuated and 23,500 were temporarily in shelters. Health officials are monitoring a potential increase in cases of dengue and are taking necessary precautions.

To date, the Mexican Government has not requested assistance from international agencies.

As Hurricane Emily crosses the Gulf of Mexico with winds up to 100 mph and on a direct course to strike the northern states Mexico on Wednesday, health authorities will monitor the impact on health facilities and water quality.