Quick response helps Mexico recover from earthquake

The effects of the Jan. 21 earthquake can be seen around Colima, Mexico. Many homes are now uninhabitable, leaving families in search of shelter.
Striking off the Pacific Coast of Mexico on Jan. 21, a major temblor unleashed its power on those who have the least.

The city of Colima, Mexico, located some 300 miles west of Mexico City and just inland from the coast suffered the most. Houses collapsed, power was lost, and landslides closed down a section of the Colima-Guadalajara highway. Twenty-six city residents lost their lives and another 500 injured received treatment at Colima hospitals.

Bush MCA Funding $300 Million Short

President Bush proposed a budget of $1.3 billion in fiscal year 2004 for the Millennium Challenge Account, which his budget described as "the most innovative approach to U.S. assistance in more than 40 years."

The budget was submitted to Congress on Feb. 3.