Natural Disasters Monitoring - May 6, 2019

from Pan American Health Organization
Published on 06 May 2019 View Original

Severe Weather
On 6 May 2019, the Tehuacan Government in Mexico reported heavy rain affected the Tepeyac neighborhood in Tehuacán City where several people and homes were affected. Media reported, 149 people were evacuated from Tehuacan due to floods (water 80cm high) and 23 homes were affected. In addition, electrical power and several streets were affected in Luis Donaldo Colosio and San Francisco neighborhoods. The reports are available in Spanish at: Tehuacan-Gobierno and Excelsior Noticias.

Unofficial Sources:

Severe Weather
On 6 May 2019, media reported severe storms and an overflow of the Paraguay river (water of 8.5meters high) occurred over the weekend affecting several districts in Alberdi, Pilar, and San Juan Bautista del Ñeembucú Municipalities in Ñeembucú Department, where 1,000 families sought shelter due to floods. The complete report is available in Spanish at: COLOR abc Noticias.